Anthem ( tryhackme ) Write Up

Anthem ( tryhackme ) Write Up



Quick write-up on the Anthem box, not going to go into huge detail but should be enough for people to be able to complete it.


This is my first write up, any comments or questions are welcome.


Although this box is listed as easy it can be hard and frustrating, it took me a couple of extensions to work my way through it. The flags in Task 2 cost a few points as it was not clear which flag was which.

[Task1] Website Analysis

The following are basic CTF bits, if you do not know how to use NMAP and the basic ports used by services / operating systems then I suggest you go do the Beginner Learning Path

  • Let's run nmap and check what ports are open.
  • What port is for the web server?
  • What port is for remote desktop service?

The below are bit more involved

  • What is a possible password in one of the pages web crawlers check for?

What files do crawlers look for on a website ?

  • What CMS is the website using?

You should be able to use the above file to find this

  • What is the domain of the website?

This can found in the title of the website

  • What's the name of the Administrator

This was a bit of PIA and took a while, few people have said the hint doesn't help. There is a post thanking the admin of the site which contains a poem, have a google of the poem.

  • Can we find find the email address of the administrator?

Again there is a post where another employee lists their email address, use this format with the name you found above

[Task2] Spot the flags

The flags are hidden in the source code of the website, some in the body text and some in the meta data.

  • What is flag 1?
  • What is flag 2?
  • What is flag 3?
  • What is flag 4?

[Task3] Final stage

  • Let's figure out the username and password to log in to the box.(The box is not on a domain)

This one took me longer than I'd like to admit but people re-use usernames and passwords. Users windows usernames are normally the first part of their emails in most orgs.

  • Gain initial access to the machine, what is the contents of user.txt?

This is on the users desktop when you log in via RDP/SMB using the credentials above.

  • Can we spot the admin password?

The file is in a hidden folder in the root of the C:\ drive, you will need to change the permissions of the file to read it though.

  • Escalate your privileges to root, what is the contents of root.txt?

Again this is on the desktop once you log in as the Administrator


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