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Below are some links useful links, FULL DISCLOSURE Some of these contain referrals links that kick me a few £'s if you buy/sign up via them

Digital Ocean: My favourite VPS host with data centre's all over the world and price/size to meet most needs. All VPS's are SSD backed and you can you add firewall rules at DO's end to prevent the traffic even getting to your VPS. They also have block storage and private networking.

Using this link will give you free credit and kick me some £'s when you add $25 credit.

Linode: I have started to use Linode as a VPS host as a backup to DO, if you are looking for a VPS then check them out. To help me out please use 4ca5ba2089e6c5868c7378bea11127f36d16563b when you sign-up.

Private Internet Access ( PIA ) : Secure VPN for you and your family for less then $60's for 2 years. Brilliant VPN provider with end points all over the world. These have been tested in court in the US and DO NOT KEEP LOGS.

LastPass Password Manager: Secure password manager with plugin's and app's for most browsers/platforms. Generate strong passwords for each site you use without having to remember/write them down.

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Pod Casts

Here are some of my favourite Pod Casts that I listen to when commuting and to keep up-to-date with Tech news.