Finally found a way to keep an active site.

For over a decade I have been creating sites and blogs but nothing has stuck. I enjoy setting things up but normally fall flat on creating content, getting hits and keeping things going. However at the moment I have found something that is working, not just keeping me actively producing content but also getting some eye's on it!

Yes, it is write-up articles for TryHackMe ( and other CTF's ) that has got me active. This has actually turned into a win/win as it keeps my active, writing up the articles also helps with memorizing techniques and how to use tools and has also built up a way to generate views.

I was enjoying doing the write-ups and getting them accepted by the room creators but I wasn't sure if anyone was actually reading them. The easiest way to measure interection ( although I understand peoples objections ) was to get Google Analytics onto the site. Looking at the past 90 days was a real suprise and made me feel like the extra time to polish and post the write-ups was worth it.

As well as the write-ups I have also started pwndocs where I am documenting tools and techniques for CTF's but have no stats on that project yet.

Thank you all for reading and I hope what I am doing will help you along with your Cyber Security journey.

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